Auxiliary Purposes and Missions
The Auxiliaries of the Pilgrim Cathedral of Harlem (the Church) serve as part of the Ministry of Helps. They also serve as a means of witnessing, covering and accountability within this body of believers. Each auxiliary president and vice president is appointed by the Pastor and functions as a care group leader, who is charged with extending the concern and nurturing care of the Pastor. Auxiliaries are responsible to walk in fulfillment of their described purpose as they serve God, the Pastor, the ministry and the community in an effort to fulfill the Church's Mission and Vision. Auxiliary members are responsible for visiting and praying for their auxiliary members who are ill, hospitalized or bereaved. All auxiliaries are also asked to assist in meeting the financial obligations of the Church with active participation in church wide fundraising efforts. It is the request of the Pastor that every worshipper who unites in fellowship with the Church join an auxiliary.